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Garden designing

In the performance of project is the most important the heathland to think and determine the aesthetic requirements. What should be color combinations, or textures, what will be the shape of flowerbed, when you want it to bloom. This is the basis that allows enjoy the beauty of plants in the future. The general rule is that: on the front lower growing plants, and on the back higher plants. If the flowerbed is on the slope of the hill one should rather choose a variety of similar heights. The colors chosen are usually related to each other that the transition is not too aggressive. It may happen, however, that the contrast will be deemed to be interesting. You can then compose next to each radically different shades. Is worth to remember at the same time to adjust to each other plants with similar flowering during the season, otherwise the work on the color will be irrelevant. You can break the rules of composition, and therefore the project is usually an individual matter. Interestingly, both appear to be monochromatic discounts, where it was decided, for example, only white flowering plants, as well as discounts vary greatly on which it drew designing plants to flourish as long as possible.