Both heathers and heaths are plants common in Poland. Their presence in nature is also reflected in the culture. It is not difficult to find on the map Polish village called “Heathers”. Also in the calendar ther is month “Wrzesień” (September) what means “heather month”. And there is a heather color in palette of colors. This prevalence of heather in the culture is not accidental. Moors can be found in almost the whole country. First of all, they occupy a sunny clearing, dry and not too dark forests. Wherever the soil is drained and not very fertile heather – Calluna vulgaris – feel good. With heath is a bit different. In Poland, in nature there is only Erica tetralix . You can meet it in the woods off the Baltic Sea coast. It does not change the fact that different species of heath can be easily grown in gardens.

Please remember: all content of this page concern the climate of Central Europe.

If you would like to learn more, about what to do with your heathers and heath please check out the Heather Society webpage and their publications.