Heathers and Heaths by Jacek Wolski

Wolski Nursery is a company with long tradition. The founder of the first farm in the family was Jakub Wolski. He began to farm in 1896. After him, his family continued the tradition of Adam Wolski, so as to pass all their skills Jacek Wolski. Hence, we can boast more than a century of experience in the cultivation of plants. In 1997, the Nursery Internet service was one of the first online gardening sites. We want to provide you with this innovative way of any information that may be useful when choosing your nursery provider.

Nurseries are an elite member of the Polish Nurserymen Association, who co-created and joined him at the foundation meeting. Membership in the Association is a guarantee of quality products offered for sale. It allows you to keep track of global developments in technology, cultivation and conservation of ornamental plants.

In recent years the nursery rewarded with medals for the quality of manufactured products. We are proud to boast three medals and prize.The main profile of production of the Nurseries are heather plants. We offer nearly one hundred varieties of shrubs. All colors and almost any shape. Membership of The Heather Society allows us to provide you with absolutely every, even the most unusual information about these plants. The materials that we offer along with the plants will help you design the garden. When buying plants, you can count on the advice which material intended for further manufacture is the best. The most important item in the offer is a young material, intended for further cultivation. Seedlings produced in nurseries are characterized by exceptional quality. They are healthy and prepared for hard Polish like weather conditions.

If you are interested in our Offer. You would like to see by your own the Nursery, please feel free to contact us and visit the Nureries here, in Poland.
In addition to seedlings we also offer adult material in containers. Plants continuously monitored by specialists from the Institute of Pomology and Floriculture in Skierniewice, Poland meet high quality standards.

The latest offer will always find you on the website. We invite you to school and to become familiar with the content of our site. Contact details can be found here.



You are welcome to download the latest catalogue of heathers. File in pdf format