This year we have to offer you the following nursery stock.

Plants in containers and with bare root:

  • heathers and heaths (calluna and erica)
  • picea pungens
  • buxus sempervirens
  • thuja occsidentalis
  • taxus baccata

The seedlings offer

In response to your needs we offer heather and heath plants in full colour. All varieties from the catalogue are available. Seedlings of heather grown in 104 pieces trays and heath grown in 144 pieces trays.
Seedlings order form (NOTE – those ordering varieties marked with (s) must have a signed license agreement) DOWNLOAD THE FORM


Currently we do not provide transportation for our products. You are always welcome on the spot, in the Nursery. All prices are ex-Nursery.

How to order?

It’s very simple. Just contact us. Orders for wholesale, please submit in person or by email. In the case of orders for cuttings, they are taken from the beginning of May of the year before. Realization takes place in the autumn of the same year or in the spring of the following year. To book the receipt of material it is advised to make a down payment.